Lauren standing under a tree in Leeds, UK

Lauren Hall


I’m a user experience designer by profession and passion.  I design fluid experiences for users all along the product journey. Whether I’m working on a passion project or grinding away to pay the bills, I always happen to be in the midst of designing something awesome.

My program at the University of Waterloo, Honours Global Business and Digital Arts, has advanced my skills in design and development, as well as introducing me to Project Management, placing a PMI certification on my radar for the near future. I was encouraged to take up the opportunity to study abroad in England at the University of Leeds.  There, I studied at their School of Computing, learning more about object-oriented programming in my ‘Procedural Programming’ and ‘Programming for the Web’ lectures.



I’m a tea enthusiast, a foodie, an avid Pinterest user, a Star Wars geek, a beer connoisseur, a Reddit lurker, and a turtleneck-obsessed visual artist.

If you’d like to take a peek into my life, take a look at my comics at @laurelvstheworld on Instagram, where I post doodles and comics that will hopefully make you smile.

Like beer and want to know more?  Then journey over to Tiktok, where I post reviews and informative videos on @thebeerguide.

Whether you’re interested in chatting about UX, have an idea for a new project, or want to talk about job opportunities, connect with me on LinkedIn and send me over a message.