The Project

Brew a beer and create a label fitting for your creation.

My roles: Graphic Designer and Co-Brewmaster.
Deliverables: An enjoyable beer with amazing branding to be presented at the University of Leeds’ Beer Fest.


Citra and Galaxy hops are stored in plastic containers to be added during the boiling phase of the brew
Citra and Galaxy hops stored to be added at the end of the boil

As a group, we decided to create a New England India Pale Ale; a smooth, hoppy, and citrusy beer.  Our malt bill contained Muntons Extra Pale Maris Otter, flaked oat, and wheat as our malts, Liberty Bell Ale Yeast, and finally, Citra and Galaxy hops for a citrusy flavour profile.

Mashing the grains

Sparging the grains

Boiling the wort

Once we boiled the wort, it was time to give it a try.  Wort is composed of malts and sugars, therefore making it taste very sweet.  Since we all preferred beer over sugar-water, we continued the process of brewing our NEIPA.

The wort after the mashing process

The hops were added at the end of the boil to contribute to the beer’s aroma and later added in a dryhop bag to create a fresh hop aroma without adding any bitterness.

Hop addition at the end of the boil

During bottling, we decided to add carbonation tablets which give consistent carbonation from bottle to bottle.  Who doesn’t like a little fizz?

Bottling our beer


Clouded Judgement pays tribute to the cloudiness of the NEIPA and its higher alcohol content.  Our beer’s name was chosen from an array of embarrassingly horrible choices which included “Good Hop, Bad Hop” and “Party in the IPA”.  We were pleased to hear that we had made the right choice as we ended up placing second for our Beer name at Beer Fest.

A mockup of a beer bottle with the final label design
Mockup of the label on a beer bottle

Final Bottle Label Design

The design I created for our beer was done in photoshop, as it is a collage of a number of edited photos.  The style of the work is largely influenced by the surrealistic movement of the 1920s.  My main influence was the Belgian artist, René Magritte, and the abundance of clouds in his artwork (pictured below).

La Corde Sensible by René Magritte. Source:

The Battle of the Argonne by René Magritte. Source:


Our name wasn’t our only accomplishment, as we placed second for Best Tasting Beer and Third for Best Overall Taste (as there were other alcohols at the fest).  Even with two nominations, our biggest accomplishments were the fact that we all thoroughly enjoyed our beer and our time as a brew team.

The RAD ROSES Brewers standing in front of their beer at the Uni of Leeds Brew Fest 2019
RAD ROSES Brewers at the Uni of Leeds Brew Fest 2019

RAD ROSES Brewers having a pint at our favourite tap house: The Underground Assembly