The Project

Create a product or service targeting an issue Guatemalan immigrants face.

My role: Lead UX Designer
Deliverable: An interactive website prototype.


Monterosso Family

The Monterrosos are a family of five.  In Guatemala, the mother would stay home, taking care of the children while the father worked as a tradesman making 300 000 GQT per year (about $50 571 CAN).  This family is immigrating to Canada to seek opportunity for their children’s future.  This means the father—and potentially mother—need to find a job as soon as possible.  A problem that the family faces is the change in clothing style when they arrive in Canada.  Clothing has a large effect on how a person feels and acts, but buying a whole new wardrobe per person adds up.

Through this profile, we targeted Guatemalan immigrants to Canada in their first year.  Our target market is a wide range when it comes to age due to the number of families that travel together, along with the types of donations our company will be taking in.  Ideally, our goal is to target new immigrants that have a low income, but still feel as if they want to fit in, adjust to the cold, find a job, et cetera.



Clothing browsing

Prototype and User Testing

I created the prototype for NuevoCAN in Figma, an online platform for designing and prototyping interactive user experience for web and mobile apps.  The images below are a few screencaps of the final design.

Although we were not able to test out our interface with our assigned target market, Guatemalan immigrants, we did test our prototype with a large variety of different types of users.  Feedback was positive overall, and users were able to complete main tasks with ease.

One of our user tests being conducted.