X: Interactive Self-Education


Choose a social issue. Create a solution.
My role: Project Manager + Lead Designer
Social Issue: Stigma Against Female Sexual Education


In order to develop the project persona, I directed the team to approach persons who matched certain criteria: female and under 25 years of age. Interview questions for interviewees over 17 years of age included questions about how they were introduced to sexual health and education, but were mainly encouraged to direct a conversation with the individual in order to collect more raw and emotional data surrounding their concerns. For those under 17, we inquired about current methods of obtaining sex-ed information and the quality of education they were receiving in their schools.

User Persona

From the gathered data, Julia Martin was created. Your stereotypical elementary-school girl, at the time in her life sexual education is introduced into the health curriculum. Due to the available sample, the persona was made a Canadian. Her characteristics, needs, etc. were based off of the younger interview samples gathered.


Final Wireframes for X

The customer journey was outlined by wireframes that went through three rounds of user testing in order to collect preliminary feedback before any work on a prototype was created.  Our final wireframes (pictured above) outlined the main user paths and screens viewed during the user journey.


X Prototype: Welcome Menu

I created the prototype for X in Adobe XD: a program for designing and prototyping user experience for web and mobile apps. A variation of designs and features were created and tested before we launched the version we released for our official user testing.


Our user testing informed us that the users were able to carry out the main activities easily. Ninety percent of our test pool reported that they found the app attractive, and the purpose of the app was easily determined just by looking at its preliminary design. Furthermore, the usability testing on our app was successful and there were only a few concerns made, and together with our user feedback, we adjusted our application as needed.